Our Team

At The Cinnamon Cottage, we like to think of our staff as one big happy family. All of the smiling faces which greet you in the shop daily, come from the local area and consider our customers as close friends.
In our kitchen, our hard working team of highly qualified chefs have years of experience behind them in all aspects of cooking and baking.

The Cinnamon Cottage

The Cinnamon Cottage was established on the site of the original Rochestown Café in 1994. The cafe was very popular with train travellers in the Edwardian era. Now, that disused rail line is a hugely-loved harbour-fronting walking route, linking Blackrock and the Marina to Monkstown — and walkers need sustenance.

Situated at the foot of Monastery Road, the Cinnamon Cottage was nearly an outpost when it started originally, but, after the building boom, it soon became effectively a hub of Douglas/Rochestown.

Today The Cinnamon Cottage is a family run business that supplies at home, takeaway and catering services. The Cinnamon Cottage will exceed your highest expectations in terms of quality, creating an exciting epicurean experience for you, your family and guests. All of our ingredients are sourced from local suppliers and our homemade food is made in our kitchen by our experienced bakers. Our kitchen does not use artificial additives, flavours or preservatives. At The Cinnamon Cottage we want to share with you our passion for food of incomparable quality and taste.

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The perfect mix of exotic ingredients and traditional methods

At Cinnamon Cottage, we delight in baking. Using the finest, freshest local and exotic ingredients in our cakes and baking them in the traditional way. We believe in reflecting the seasons through our cakes and we love being a part of our customers celebrations since 1993.

As the spring unfolds and days get longer we love to use floral and fruity flavours in our baking, such as our violet, jasmine, rose and orange flower cup cakes. We use all the colours in our icings and toppings that celebrate the sorbet shades of Easter and early summer. As the summer unfolds we add Children’s treats and sweets to reflect the holidays. The Autumn suggests deeper more satisfying flavours such as caramel and chocolate, comforting with a good book and a nice cup of tea on a chilly evening.

Halloween inspires us to use warm oranges and apples with the spicy hints. As Christmas approaches the glitter, sparkle and ribbons fly in the kitchen as this is one of our most inspirational season and it lasts for almost eight weeks!

Even with the different variations and moods the year brings to our kitchen, birthdays and celebrations remain constant and our chocolate and white chocolate tarts are always in demand. These rich indulgent chocolaty specials are popular all year long and we love making them as the represent the heartbeat of the bakery. Chocolate from Belgium and Switzerland, almonds from California and Morocco teamed with local flour, butter and eggs are lovingly prepared and baked by hand every day.


Fresh every day

Each evening before we close the bakery, all our ingredients for our traditional wholemeal Irish buttermilk loaves and our scones are weighed out for the next morning. When we start every morning the ovens re warmed up to receive the bread tins, the scones are kneaded and our busy day begins. Our brown bread is made from all local and Irish ingredients and is baked throughout the day as the demand dictates – we love handing the warm paper bags to our customers and we often can barely keep up!

Our plain and fruit scones are made every morning and keep alive a very old recipe with stray links to Cork city. The other connection to Cork local history and culinary tradition is the Arbutus bread we display fresh and warm each morning and often throughout the day also. The most popular loaves being the distinctive sourdough, brown and white, with their chewy crusts and delicious soft bread beneath.

Our bakery produces Quiches, Pastries, Cakes, Tiramisu, Cheese Cakes, Chocolate Cakes, Cup Cakes, Sponges, Loaf Cakes and Tarts everyday using traditional bakery methods, small batches and all natural ingredients.



Proud holders of the Bridgestone award